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Leave the Trans-Siberian Express on your way to Novosibirsk, hop on the elektrisjka and stop in the tiniest of forgotten villages. Sleep on the couch, share the intimacy of hospitable families...

23 Year old Bieke Depoorter travelled through Russia and has won the Magnum Expression Award with her astonishing coverage…

Earlier travels had brought her to Ecuador and Uganda. Check it out! (GSD-History)


Quote: “The silhouette of the 911 did not change substantially over the course of 40 years. That cannot be said for the Shepherd Dog. The sports car had reached its tuned general outline very quickly, just like the best dog in the world. Already by 1925 the conformation of the Shepherd Dog had been tuned for its different duties to such an extent, that there was no further need to alter it. The national breed wardens however judged it to be necessary to modify and make improvements for the angulations of the hindquarters and the croupe, it was all superfluous because the dog had already reached the optimized shape for its tasks. It had been tuned already…”


Including different Papers such as:

· The Magnitude of Canine Hip Dysplasia of the GSD

· Extra! Extra! A wider blood basis?

· The Stud Business in the SV Kennel Club 2003-2007

· The Lie of the Century: “The broad basis of the German Shepherd Dog” (The Bottleneck, created by the SV)

· HD1-Hips and Miscellaneous in the SV Kennel Club. (As close to the truth as one can get!)

And more yet untranslated but easy to interprete stuff for GSD-enthusiasts...


What can happen when you buy a German Shepherd Dog?

The puppy brings you nothing but joy and happiness. At first!

But remember, one day you might need to get its hips X-rayed!


Take a look at the story of Indiana vom Wildsteiger Land, a dog I had waited for all my life. May he rest in peace! (20 Minute PPS-film)

Most informative GSD-websites:

Olafur “Oli” Tryggvason’s Pedigreedatabase:

Tommy P. Jensen & Yvonne Hecht’s WinSIS-Database:

If you're interested in the health of dogs (for example because you are one of the people ending up with a crippled GSD - caused by Hip Dysplasia) you might want to read this. There is still hope!


An Independant Inquiry into Dog Breeding

By Patrick Bateson from the University of Cambridge (14/01/2010)


Quotation: “The background to the Inquiry was a showing by the BBC on 19 August 2008 of a television documentary called Pedigree Dogs Exposed. It was a hard-hitting piece of journalism written and directed by Jemima Harrison. It was aimed at those breeders of pedigree dogs who had ignored the adverse effects of inbreeding and particularly those who were breeding for extreme conformations. The United Kingdom’s premiere dog club, the Kennel Club, felt that it had been unfairly treated and complained to OfCom, the regulator of the UK Communications industry. At the time of writing, this dispute has not been settled. Nevertheless, the BBC pulled out of its long-standing arrangement to televise Crufts dog show. Moreover, the public reaction was such that Dogs Trust, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals ended their support; and Pedigree Petfoods and Hills Pet Nutrition cancelled their sponsorship of the show. The Associate Parliamentary Group on Animal Welfare (APGAW) announced that it would hold hearings on the breeding of pedigree dogs. At the same time the Kennel Club combined forces with a leading dog charity, Dogs Trust, and announced an independent Inquiry into the breeding of all dogs…”


If you would like to take another look at the BBC-documentary "Pedigree Dogs Exposed", here is a link:

Documentary: „Pflegefall Schäferhund?!“ (Shepherd Dog, nursing case?!)

Still on YouTube:


I have found this for you on: „“, a short summary of the documentary "Pflegefall Schäferhund?!" (Shepherd Dog, nursing case?!"):


"The authors of the „betrifft*”-program aired 25.03.09 on SWR (one of the most important television networks in Germany) have targeted the German Shepherd Dog, its breeders, the breeding Kennel Club (SV), its officials and the breeding judges.

(* = “betrifft“ means more or less „concerning“ or „with regard to“, it is then followed by any particular theme)

First of all the health problems of this breed were laid out - to the critical spectator it might just have been obvious that the GSD was selected exemplarily. The reason for that is that the Shepherd Dog is outnumbering any other dog breed held in Germany and therefore will demonstrate very clearly where it leads to, if in breeding one places special emphasis on beauty ideals.

Along with that however, one also referred to other grievances. The former characteristics defining a GSD such as drive, resilience and self-assurance (poise) have faded out into the background so that as a service dog for the police, the customs and the federal border guards, he has left the field to other dog breeds, such as the Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois), considered to have more drive and resilience and be more healthy altogether.

After that there was an insight into the structures of the breeding commission, with severe accusations against the responsible decision makers. There was a mention of corrupt judges, who have the power to either crown a stud as a champion (Sieger) or call him a misfit, and of black money revenues through cash sales of champions to overseas, whereby 6-digits sums flow easily. Now slowly it seems to have caught the attention of the tax investigations also.

After a breeding show, there seems to be a huge congestion at the responsible veterinarians. The losers suddenly all want to call in sick so that the negative result does not emerge in the paperwork. It is openly said that relations play a huge role, less openly that bribery, corruption and power abuse are at the order of the day.  At every breeder cracker barrel, these subjects are being discussed, officials of the kennel club play down the issues and threaten with slander complaints.

And so everything remains the same. No, not everything!! In the meantime renegades established their own kennel club in order to dedicate themselves to the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs that have the original characteristics which have made this dog a legend in the whole world.”

The film “Pflegefall Schäferhund?!”  (Nursing case German Shepherd Dog!?) unfortunately documents the current state of the union when it comes to German Shepherd Dogs.


Most important subjects of the documentary and the big questions:


Health: The GSD breed is struggling with too many diseases caused by massive inbreeding and repeated cumulative breeding back on the same blood lines (conformation Sieger studs – Grand Victors - without any serious breeding restrictions bring up to 2,000 offspring! Can anyone tell me who wants to prove what?) There has not been the slightest success when it comes to eradicating CHD, breeding regulations have not been tightened and the HD Breed Value Assessment has proven to be fully inefficient, the system has been undermined with all possible means. What is there to hide?

Business interests: The SV-events, as always, have been dominated by very few extra-large breeders.  Meanwhile they apparently seem to have run into the scrutinizing eyes of the tax investigation, which would suit them right.  Should Shepherd Dog breeding not remain a hobby?

Manipulations:  Over and over again, we have seen how always the same judges/breeders (SV sovereigns?) have crowned the big Siegers and have been following the system: “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!” The protocol from the meeting in Hamm has brought up very painful subjects.  How much bogus is going on really?

The association:  Different cynologists with decades of GSD expertise have made their many appeals  at the association again and again.  Dr. Helmut Raiser and Dr. Willibald Gruber have taken the final decision and left for fresh fields.  The first one established  an independent association (RSV2000) to try and save what is not yet beyond remedy, thus sealing the treaty of the final split of the SV-association, the latter confirmed in front of the cameras how "mob structures" rule this kennel club, without "connections" you will get nowhere!? Insiders have confirmed this thesis for years on GSD-discussion boards. Is this the end of the German Shepherd Dog?  Or a new beginning?


We will of course report about that.

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The absolute SV-breed bottleneck:

Blood lineages of the most important GSD-studs (used 2003-2007)


TOP-100 of GSD-Studs 1986-2005:


TOP-100 of GSD-Breeders 1986-2006:


Best GSD Producers of HD-1 Hips, TOP-1.000: