The GSD Hall of Fame


It‘s hard to believe that all the Zuchtsiegers of the SV since 1899, all the Leistungssiegers since 1951, all the DDR-Siegers, as well as all of the EUSV– and WUSV-Siegers, and on top of that, all the FCI-Weltsiegers can be put together in one single chart.


Since the foundation of the SV in 1899, over 2.2 million German Shepherd Dogs have been registered in the breed book. Yet one can still depict all of the major lineages together.


If one would try to print the chart it would probably be over 10 feet wide, but one can overcome that problem by using a PC. At the computerscreen one can scroll conveniently through the various bloodlines, and find out about the potential relationships or the major differences between the lines.


Let me surprise you and enjoy your 110 years of German Shepherd Dog history!

The biggest GSD-digest of all times


Where do we find Vegas du Haut Mansard, the conformation Sieger 2008/09?

And how far is his bloodline away from the Leistungssiegers (working dogs trial winners) Javir vom Talka Marda (LS 2008, runner-up 2009) or Eric vom Sportpark (LS 2009)?

What lines have been strained?

What is left from Uran vom Wildsteiger Land?

Where is it, that the awful disease of Hip Dysplasia didn’t spread out as badly?

What is still available from the belauded two-time worldsieger Fanto vom Hirschel or the conformation Sieger Iso vom Bergmannshof?

Where can we find the best Leistungslinien (working dog lines)?

Are the “Gebrauchseigenschaften” (working qualities) really embedded in certain bloodlines?


Your many questions might soon be answered with a single glance at the chart.

We wish you a lot of fun exploring the DSH-history!

Sold out!

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110 Years of Shepherd Dog history at a glance,

with an astonishing amount of extra data

The dancing Javir vom Talka Marda (Michaela Knoche) & Eric vom Sportpark (Jogi Zank) just before retiring

A fan had written a comment to Michaela, and expressed most eloquently how important dogs like Javir and Eric are for the dogsport and above all for the breed itself:

“Hi Michaela, I would ike to express my respect for your accomplishments with Javir. Your presentation of a progeny group at the BSZS is a quantum leap for the breeding of working dogs. Only this way can and will the majority of the GSD-enthusiasts of the camp of the Hochzucht understand the vantages of a working dog and possibly begin to appreciate that. Keep up the good work!! I wish you and your team a lot of success!! Greetings from Saarland, Torsten C.”

One couldn’t have said it better!