This comprehensive chart will certainly appeal to the many

GSD-fans, novices just as well as longtime enthusiasts.


Who wouldn‘t want to be surprised by the magnificent victories of the past or gain insight into the various bloodlines. Top SV-representatives usually pride themselves with the „wide basis of the breed“. Here, the myth is busted. Here, you will learn that it is nothing but a fairy tale. Time and time again, one has built upon the same old lineages. Only very few bloodlines testify to an impressive sense for good and healthy dogs.


You will discover how some males have been able to celebrate great triumphs, yet they have not confirmed themselves in the breeding. Others on the contrary did not celebrate anything great, but they have passed on their qualities to an enormous amount of progeny.


Please continue to delve and compare the diverging lineages on which the bred has been founded. What lines have brought on most of the champions, be it in conformation or in working trials. Which line has suffered the greatest burden of Hip Dysplasia? Was it strained? Which selection measures have NOT been taken into consideration?


Do take your time, and approach the great Siegers of the past. Go ahead and scroll through the 110 year-old history of the German Shepherd Dog. You‘re bound to discover plenty!

Bottom Line


For the exhaustive insight into this very personal data collection which I have tinkered together during endless and laborious hours of research and which should only serve for purposes of study, I allow myself  to request an amount of 45,00 (all inclusive), which is more or less the price of an excellent bottle of Champagne. Summarizing 110 years of GSD-history really isn‘t an easy task. I will be happy to provide this great insight to you however, proceeds will be used to fund this website and to acquire old Zucht– and Körbücher (Breed Books and Breed Survey Books), in order to continue to gather and study information from our history. You can order your copy through the page „GSD Hall of Fame“.




My most profound thanks go out to Christiane Elsner (Germany), Hanna Reyntjens and César Hernández (Mexico), Chris Jung (, Daria Nastevych (Ukraine) and Christopher Hill (Portsmouth, England) for their kind assistance during the making of this website.