In sports, peak performances and records are the icing on the cake. Joy and sorrow sometimes lie very close together. Some teams have won the title of „Leistungssieger“ (working dog trials winner) with a score of merely 284 points, like Bernhard Frais with Ellex vom Salztalblick at the BSP in Baunatal in 2005. Others however, with a fabulous endresults of 297 or even 298 points, reached second places only! One single point, and the gold is lost!


The Greatest of all in (GSD) dogsports beyond any doubt is Friedrich „Fritz“ Biehler. Some of the dogs that he has handled in his inimitable manner, are included in the chart. I hope, you will enjoy finding them.

Best performances ever

Now picture yourself this: in 2006 at the WUSV-Worldchampionship in Randers, Denmark, 285 points suffice Fritz to win the title with Caro vom Mörfelder Land. But with 293 points, Werner Hübner with Asko von der Lutter and Helmut Huber with Ernst vom Weinbergblick only get second and third place at the WUSV in 1999 in Baunatal. And only because the Sieger, Ronny Van den Berghe with Tom van ’t Leefdaalhof who ended up with the same score, was able to make the difference in Schutzdienst. And worse things can happen at sea!   Karl-Heinz Wirth came within a whisker of winning the EUSV title in 1982 in Salzburg, Austria, with Nats vom Arolser Holz, but lost with a score of 295 points! What a bummer!


Fritz Biehler has achieved a score of 296 with Arko vom Letelner Grund during the EUSV 1986 in Aalborg, Denmark, and he was 4 points ahead of the runner-up. That should do it! Imagine he lost the title in 1981 at the BSP, well yeah, „lost“ is not the right word, he „missed“ the title with a score of 297 points! Boy vom Grawenhof had ended up with the same score, but distinguished himself in Schutzdienst.


Sunk down a little dieper in the memoires of the long BSP-history already, he had taken a safe 5 point lead at the BSP in Kassel in the year 1974, with Enno vom Antrefftal (a son of Frei von der Gugge). He took 299 points! You think this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Not in the least! With Drigon vom Fuhrmannshof, a son of Enno, in 1976 at the BSP in Hanover he also secured 299 points (100,100,99), and took the Siegertitle (in front of Cerry vom Dürener Land with 100, 100, 98), but a year later in 1977, his 297 score in Münster only reached for the runners-up spot. Eck vom Charlottenhof, handled by Heinz Kuhn, had succeeded to score 298 points (100, 99, 99).


At the European-Championship 1977 in Amersfoort in the Netherlands Fritz Biehler came up trumps with 299 Punkten (Cerry had gained the title a year before with 297 points),   and a year later Biehler even defended his title with Drigon in Borgomanero in Italy with 291 points. These were the days!


To the subject of „highest scores“:


Fang Stahlhammer scored 298 points in 1969. Falk von der Eichendorfschule (just like Drigon a son of Enno vom Antrefftal) with Alfred Köhler copied Biehler in Krefeld in 1978. Later in 1982 in Hanover, Drechsler vom Warnautal (a son of Greif zum Lahntal), with his handler Helmut Raiser, also reached 298 points and schnatched the title from under Fritz Biehler‘s nose. Mind you he had put 296 points on the scoreboard with Klodo vom Wasserrad (not in the chart). Another male that got 298 points was Boris vom Steckelsberg, a son of Drigon, in 1988 in Darmstadt.


Can we still top that? Oh yes, we can!

Gero vom Porzenacker in 1973 in Gütersloh reached 299 Punkten (100, 100, 99) (oh, by the way he was a son of a VA1 conformation Sieger! Ajax vom Haus Dexel), in front of Conny vom Bungalow with 298 Punkte. Imagine this today! With a score of 298 points, you‘d only reach second place! As mentioned before, Enno vom Antrefftal had also put this result on the scoreboard (100, 99, 100).

BSP 1955 283 SG 5

BSP 1956 289 V 1

BSP 1957 276 SG 5

BSP 1958 289 V 2

BSP 1959 290 V 1

BSP 1960 287 V 2

BSP 1961 270 SG 15

BSP 1964 294 V 1

BSP 1965 288 V 2

BSP 1966 295 V 1

BSP 1967 294 V 1

BSP 1968 293 V 5

We all kow that a one-time-only triumph at the Bundessiegerprüfung already is a fabulous achievement. Imagine the performance of Bingo vom Ritzerbachtal who succeeded in 3 x BSP-Sieger, 1 x runner-up and 1 x 5th:


And I cannot close this chapter without mentioning the pasted remark of Baldur vom Ostertal at this point. Do have a look at his scorecard:


This is merely a bunch of examples. Examples of the exellent achievements hundreds of topdogs, Mister Biehler and his sportsfriends have accomplished throughout the years. You will find a lot more during your wanderings through our chart.


We do hope it will bring you a lot of pleasure roaming through the spreadsheet. Make sure to have a look at the many trial results of the descendants of Frei von der Gugge, and remember when doing that, that he was a dog from the „Auslese“-group of the BSZS! In those days there was no discrimination between Hochzucht (conformation) and Leistung (trials), working qualities and conformation were still totally inseparable.