What can you expect?


In one word, we offer you ALL the Conformation Siegers of the SV Kennel Club, and a lot more on top of that!


And this comes with a nice color coded labeling system for easy identification (BSZS, BSP, DDR, EUSV, WUSV, and FCI).


First of all you will find, colored in pink, all the male Siegers (S) of the Bundessiegerhauptzuchtschauen (BSZS) of the Shepherd Dog Kennel Club SV e.V., since the beginning of the German Shepherd Dog History in the year 1899, with the exception of a few years of war and the years when the title was not awarded.


Roland Starkenburg

Sieger BSZS (VA1)


All the Leistungssiegers (LS) of the Bundessieger Trials (BSP) from 1951 on (provided they were male) are here, and listed in lightgreen. Only those BSP-winner that didn‘t have an official pedigree will evidently fail, for instance „Drago“ (with 295 V1 Leistungssieger in 1970) who was handled by Friedrich Biehler or „Rex“ Kappenberg (296 V1 in 1980) presented by Gerd Neubert.


Iriac Ruhbachtal

Sieger BSP



We are thrilled that we can also offer the male Siegers of the former GDR (DDR), from  the conformation side (colored in blue), as well as from the working dogs (in orange), and in so doing not only pay tribute to the equivalents of the winners of the (West-German) Sieger Shows (BSZS) and working dogs trials (BSP), but also honor the GSD-fans from the East, together with their breedng skills. Until the German reunification, those events had taken place between 1948 (conformation) or 1962 (working dogs) and 1990. Do take into consideration, that the working dog trials were not restricted to GSDs only, they were an allbreeds event, and therefore the winner was not always a GSD, female winners will fail here as well.


Note: In the former GDR (DDR) the Kennel Club, the so-called SZG (Spezialzuchtgemeinschaft) for German Shepherds (founded in 1945) was not allowed to implement its own Sieger Shows, but the best were selcted at the „DDR-Siegerausstellungen für Dienst- und Gebrauchshunde“ (GDR-Sieger Shows for Service- and Utility-dogs).  Taking part in the DDR-Meisterschaft“ (GDR-Championship) was the ultimate ambition for the working dog sportsmen.


Condor Marderpfahl

Sieger DDR-Zuchtschau (V1)


Bojar Braunsberg

Sieger DDR-Meisterschaft



The EUSV (European Union of Shepherd Dog Associations) was founded (triggered by then SV-President Dr. Christoph Rummel) in 1968. „Detection of unfair dog trade“ was one of the important duties! The first European Championship took place in 1975. The male Siegers of the EUSV-Championships are mentioned without exception (and marked in yellow).


Galant Unteröd

Sieger EUSV - Europameister



The World-Union of Shepherd Dog Associations (WUSV) came into existence in 1973 already, but the previous European Championship was only replaced by the new WUSV-Worldchampionship in 1988. The Worldchampions of the WUSV, as far as they are male, have all been listed in the chart (in darkgreen).


Kalle Welzbachtal

Sieger WUSV - Weltmeister



The only thing that remains to be covered would then be the Worlchampionships of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), the governing body of all dog associations worldwide. They also organize their Worldchampionship to select the best working dog of all breeds. The male Siegers of the FCI-Worldchampionship have all been listed (in red).


Orry Haus Antverpa

Sieger FCI - Weltmeister