Frei von der Gugge

Frei von der Gugge (a two-time BSZS-Ausleser) is the black  progenitor of performances such as those who were delivered by Drigon vom Fuhrmannshof (1 x BSP-Sieger, 1 X BSP-Vice und 2 x EUSV-Sieger), Falk von der Eichendorfschule (BSP-Sieger), Aco von Burg Esch (1 x BSP-Sieger and -Vice, 1 x EUSV-Vice), Boris vom Steckelsberg (BSP-Sieger) and Donn vom Dreidörfereck (EUSV-Sieger). Except for Donn, they all come over the son of Frei, Enno vom Antrefftal, BSP-Sieger in 1974.


But also through his black grandson Vello von der Niddereiche (after all V12 at the BSZS 1975), we have seen famous trial dogs coming over Frei. Emiel Dilen (5 x WUSV-competitor + 3 x FCI-competitor), the friendliest Belgian baker and already a legend in dogsports, wan the WUSV-Worldchampionship with Hassan vom Haus Moons in 1988.   Through Gildo vom Körbelbach, a grandson of Vello, we have received other well-known dogs: BSP-Sieger and WUSV-Weltmeiser Blacky vom Neuen Lande, the Belgian Link van ’t Muikenshof as a WUSV-Sieger and the (Swedish) Gorba Eisenfrau, also a WUSV-Sieger in 1997 and bred after Arek vom Stoffelblick.


We shall not forget to mention Bandit van Gogh at this point. Now he may not have wan great victories, just like Arek, but he was still used for breeding way above average.


Blacky‘s litterbrother, Berry vom Neuen Lande, has become the foundation dog for another promising line. Through his frequently used son Bandit vom Oberhausener Kreuz on one side, we get to the much appreciated Karn vom Fegelhof, and on the other to this year‘s BSP-Sieger Eric vom Sportpark (already runner-up in 2007), who has proven his skills again with Jürgen Zank at the WUSV-Worldchampionship 2009 with a just failed victory, he ended as a WUSV-Vice-Sieger.

Emiel Dilen