The „GSD Hall of Fame“ chart has been compiled with the utmost accuracy.


Should you however still discover any mistake, please feel free to let us know, we‘re grateful for any indication. It has been a huge challenge to try and put all the pieces of the puzzle into place (Siegers and bloodlines) in such a fashion, that one can still see through it. I hope I have succeeded and wish that all of you will enjoy it tremendously.



I‘m quite happy to be able to offer you a very tiny piece of the great puzzle at this point, for you to check out and play with:

Jig Saw Puzzle Hall of Fame.JPG

JigSaw Puzzle

Tekstvak: This is just a detail from the giant puzzle of Siegers and bloodlines. Please feel free to try it out underneath!
Click on the image and off you go!

It’s a wrap! You did it!

Great! That’s how it should look like. (Zoom in!)

And as I said, it’s only a small excerpt from the greater chart.

GSD Hall of Fame - Jig Saw - online jigsaw puzzle - 40 piecesGSD Hall of Fame - Jig Saw