Quanto von der Wienerau is still dominating the whole (questionable) „Hochzucht“-business today. This business was built on the commercially well exploitet Viernheim-products of the 1970s and the 1980s, we referred to them earlier. Only 2 lineages remain here, the one through Uran vom Wildsteiger Land, the other through Quando von Arminius (with either Zamb von der Wienerau or Jeck vom Noricum as the most important representatives). It is here that we run into the „Bottleneck of the SV-breedbusiness“. If you want a copy of Inspector Rex (Kommissar Rex), then look here.


What is worth mentioning in the „Leistung“-domain can be put in a nutshell: 20 years back there were the BSP-Siegers Vargo vom Seebachtal, Django Castell 18, and Iwo von Lauterstein (2 times WUSV-Vice). Today only one single leading-edge product of Quanto von der Wienerau remains: Attaque von der Adelegg, who also ended a Vice-WUSV-Sieger. Apart from that the only thing worth remembering is Olf vom Fürstendamm (in the fourth generation after Quanto). He was a threefold DDR-Sieger, however descending from a male from Czechoslovakia.

Quanto & Canto

Quanto von der Wienerau
Canto von der Wienerau

Canto von der Wienerau who died very young shows us more or less the same scenario as Quanto. On two of his sons, only „Hochzucht“-lines have been built. On the one hand through Frei vom Holtkämper See to Mark vom Haus Beck, whose descendants are showdogs only, real studdingmaschines with enormous amounts of progeny (as is the case with the offspring of Quanto’s heirs), and on the other hand going through Zuchtsieger Canto von Arminius in the direction of Fanto vom Hirschel, two-times Sieger and most beautiful dog in the world, who however, apart from a couple of nice females, has never produced a worthy male representative, except maybe Watz vom Schornfelsen.


Potential was there! Canto‘s son Cäsar von Arminius for instance had called the attention. He provided in the 2nd resp. the 3rd generation two EUSV-Sieger: Hero vom Jaresberg and Cando von der Wittelsburg. Another son shows us a connection through Argus vom Klämmle to Arko vom Letelner Grund, who was also in the good hands of Friedrich Biehler and became a European Sieger. Next to last Canto-son Jago von der Baierstaler Strasse takes us to yet another EUSV-Sieger, namely Olf vom Försterhaus. And the fifth European Champion that comes after Canto von der Wienerau is Enno-Hassan van ’t Slotbos, he missed his second triumph, but was still runner-up and Vice-Sieger.

No Bottleneck?


People sometimes argue with me saying that there is no such thing as a Bottleneck in GSD-breeding. Then please take a look at this little chart! The Conformation Siegers of the recent history, namely since Uran vom Wildsteiger land and consequently for the last 26 years, are very much grouped together. It makes me sick really, to actually see here in this little chart how bad it is. And then think of the successive SV-Breed Wardens telling us they are making sure the breed is based on a wide pool of genes. Nonsense! They are just contiously crowning the next generation out of the lineages of the former Siegers. Nothing more, nothing less.


16 Siegers come over Quanto von der Wienerau, 6 of them have won the title twice, so they cover 22 years of SV-breeding.

Only 3 dogs come over Canto von der Wienerau, Fanto has won the title twice, so we cover another  4 years here.



The last 26 Conformation Siegers of the SV are based on 2 dogs, well, if you will allow me generalizing, basically (except for the occasional one) on 1 dog only, Quanto von der Wienerau.


How bad is that? Now is this a Bottleneck or isn’t it?

Conformation-wise, there is only one single blood line left!